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SSN_47Logo Scottish Studies Centre The Scottish Studies Newsletter is part of the 'Scottish Studies Centre' in the English Department of the Germersheim faculty of the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz. It provides the public with information on important developments in Scottish Studies. This is a vast field, which the Editorial of issue 38, December 2011, tries to define, and of which the contents of this issue gives you an idea.

Key sections in the Newsletter that we assume you'll find in most future issues, too, are 'Recent Publications', 'Reviews', 'Conference Reports and Announcements', and two sections that have only now been put in and were not part of the old Newsletter: '(New) Media in / on Scotland' and 'Education Scotland'. Find out in issues 38 through 45 what has been, and will be, done here.

A special asset in this issue is the section 'New Scottish Poetry', for which we hope to find a permanent supply of poems in the future. The section 'Scottish Awards' will, of course, depend on corresponding occasions. It is by no means intended only for the kinds of awards presented in this issue, but may also include awards for an excellent PhD-thesis on a Scottish Studies topic, or any other such awards. Do tell us, if you have any news for the Newsletter, either in this, in any of the other sections, or news for which we, perhaps, would gladly add a new section.

This on-line version is identical with the printed journal, which we have also produced as some subscribers still prefer to have the Newsletter on paper. For obvious reasons – and the ecological as well as financial ones are evident – we would very much like to reduce the number of printed issues considerably. So unless you really need it, please do not ask for a printed copy.

You may in fact download, save, print for your personal use, or forward a copy of this journal without permission.

A link to the most recent issue of the Scottish Studies Newsletter, SSN 47 is on top of the thistle in the Newsletter logo.


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